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Mira likes Yae Miko an unhealthy amount. When they're not writing on ao3, they're probably thinking about petting her.


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Updated 25 Feb 2024


✧ Commissions can be discussed with me over Twitter (@miravrse)
✧ I am free to turn down your commission, should I feel that I'm not capable enough to write it or am uncomfortable with pursuing it.
✧ Any commission below $50 can be paid in full after the piece is written, otherwise half of the amount should be paid before it's written and half after.
✧ The deadline and details of the piece should be established before the writing is started so as to avoid any misunderstandings.
✧ If you wish to cancel the commission, refrain from doing so last minute and do let me know immediately!

Pricing & Payment

✧ USD$13/1000 words up to 5,000 words
✧ USD$15/1000 words up to 20,000 words
✧ USD$20/1000 words up to 50,000 words
Note: Extra will not be charged if I exceed the word count✧ Payment is to be done through PayPal

Will & Will Not Write

Will Write
✧ Character/Character
✧ Character-centric Fics
✧ M/M, F/F, M/F
✧ Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
✧ Major Character Death
✧ 2nd & 3rd Person POV
Will Not Write
✧ Character/Reader
✧ 1st Person POV
✧ Any ships involving children
✧ Gore, extreme violence, etc.
✧ Pedophilia, necrophilia, incest, etc.
✧ "Dead Dove" content
✧ Franchise-based AUs ie. Harry Potter
✧ Ghibli
✧ Given
✧ Haikyuu!!
✧ Yuri on Ice!!!
✧ Chainsaw Man
✧ Jujutsu Kaisen
✧ Bungou Stray Dogs
✧ Honkai Impact 3rd
✧ Honkai: Star Rail
✧ Tears of Themis
✧ Genshin Impact
✧ Zenless Zone Zero
✧ Identity V
✧ Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint
etc. other fandoms may be discussed

Relevant Experience

YearZine NameRoleFandomStatus
2022Seasonal LoveWriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2022Wish V2: Mythology-centricWriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2022Icy Milkshakes: Fruit-themedWriterGenshin ImpactProduction
2022Teyvat KidsWriterGenshin ImpactProduction
2022The Teyvat TribuneWriterGenshin ImpactProduction
2022Yes, Chef!: Genshin Xiangling ZineWriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2022Pledge to Eternity: Eisara ZineWriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2022Kiss Kiss, Fall in Love!WriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2022Ex Animo: Mondstadt ZineWriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2022Intertwining Gales: Kazuha Ship ZineWriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2022Ad Astra: Scaramona AnthologyWriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2023Stellar Inflorescence: Albelumi ZineWriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2023Spun Sugar: Genshin Sucrose ZineWriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2023Stellarum Viatorium: Twins AU ZineWriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2023Vulpes Zerda: Genshin Tighnari ZineWriterGenshin ImpactProduction
2023Ode to Teyvat: Poetry AnthologyWriterGenshin ImpactCreation
2023???WriterGenshin ImpactCreation
2023Ad Meliora: IDV Norton ZineWriterIdentity VCreation
2022The OlympiansWriterTears of ThemisPreorders
2023Vitae: Dazai ZineWriterBungou Stray DogsProduction
2022Moonlit Thunder: Kiamei ZineWriterHonkai ImpactProduction
2022Desaulniers: IDV Joseph ZineWriterIdentity VProduction
2022Only YouWriterDR2Completed
2022Equestria EscapadesWriterMy Little PonyCompleted
2022HQ Quarterly: Autumn LeavesWriterHaikyuu!!Completed
2022For/From: Sawamura Daichi ZineWriterHaikyuu!!Completed
2022Sincerity: Sugawara Koushi ZineWriterHaikyuu!!Completed
2022Boundless Love: PolyshipWriterHaikyuu!!Completed
2022Intertwined: Osakita ZineWriterHaikyuu!!Production
2022All Itto Mini BangWriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2022Kaebedo Big BangWriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2022Ayalumi Big BangWriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2022Explosion: Sapphic Big BangWriterGenshin ImpactCompleted
2022Iwaizumi Big BangWriterHaikyuu!!Completed
2022Royalty Big BangWriterHaikyuu!!Completed
2022IwaOi Big Bang: ReverseWriterHaikyuu!!Completed
2022Haikyuu Big BangWriterHaikyuu!!Completed
2022Haikyuu Parenthood BangWriterHaikyuu!!Completed
2022"They were Roommates" Bang: ReverseWriterHaikyuu!!Completed
2022KuroKen Exchange 2023WriterHaikyuu!!Completed
2022Fantasy Big BangBetaHaikyuu!!Completed
2022AsaNoya Big BangBetaHaikyuu!!Completed
2022SemiShira Big BangBetaHaikyuu!!Completed
2022Seijoh Big BangBetaHaikyuu!!Completed

YearZine NameRoleFandomPhase
2022Lights On! Lights Off!: Sun & Moon ZineSocialsFNAFCompleted
2022Hitomebore: Shoujo RomanceInternShoujo AnimeCompleted
2022Snapshots: Travel ScrapbookGraphics, LayoutChainsaw ManCompleted
2022Blue Orangeade: TXT CookbookWriting, LayoutIdolsCompleted
2022Eternity's Queendom: Raiden Ei & Raiden MeiHead, Socials, LayoutGenshin, Honkai ImpactCompleted
2023Gone Camping!SocialsAnimal CrossingCompleted
2022Rogue Waltz: Harbingers ZineWriting, Socials, LayoutGenshin ImpactShipping
2022Teyvat AcademyHead, Socials, LayoutGenshin ImpactShipping
2022Austerity: Genshin CynoOrg, Graphics, LayoutGenshin ImpactShipping
2023To The Stars: Haikyuu!! IdolHead, Socials, LayoutHaikyuu!!Shipping
2022Everlasting Lillies: Liyue WLW ZineHead, Graphics, LayoutGenshin ImpactProduction
2022Wind's Devotion: Xiaoven WeddingHead, Graphics, LayoutGenshin ImpactProduction
2022Boundless MemoriesGraphicsGenshin ImpactProduction
2022Hyrule Fashion AnthologyLayoutLegend of ZeldaProduction
2023On Love: Cytham / Haino ZineGraphicsGenshin ImpactProduction
2023Eternity's Bride: Eimiko WeddingHead, Graphics, LayoutGenshin ImpactProduction
2023IN/FINITE: Renheng ZineGraphics, LayoutHonkai: Star RailProduction
2023The Owl OraclesWriting, SocialsThe Owl HousePreorders
2023Prima Donna: HSR WomenWriting, SocialsHonkai: Star RailPreorders
2023???Writing, LayoutHonkai: Star RailPlanning
2023???Writing, SocialsHonkai: Star RailPlanning
YearEvent NameRoleFandomPhase
2023Traveller Twins' WeekOrg, SNS, GraphicsGenshin ImpactFulfilled
2023Qiqi WeekOrg, SNS, GraphicsGenshin ImpactFulfilled

I was part of some zines in early 2022, but had to take a step back from them due to health issues. Since my current projects are a better reflection of my work, please refer to them instead! You may contact me for further details on previous experience.

Writing & Beta Reading

Please reach out to me privately if you would like to view my writing portfolio.✧ I have been learning writing professionally under the guidance of published writers in the literary field for 6 years, since 2019.
✧ In addition to my published novels, I have written other forms of long prose which are either yet to be published or are distrubuted for free on my ao3.
✧ I have experimented with several forms of writing, and am well-versed with most, such as: Prose, poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, documentary scriptwriting.
✧ As a creative writing student, I am able to offer feedback based on my expertise and help a peer with improving it based on grip on language, clarity and flow.

Fic NameFandomCharactersAuthor
The Abyssal Guide to Dating a YakshaGenshin ImpactXiao, AetherZaphyrus
Shrek but It's AeXiaoGenshin ImpactXiao, AetherZaphyrus
A Love Letter To YouGenshin ImpactXiao, AetherZaphyrus
WorthGenshin ImpactXiao, AetherZaphyrus
Royal DutyGenshin ImpactXiao, AetherZaphyrus
Prayers for a Sinful LoveGenshin ImpactXiao, AetherZaphyrus
HappenstanceGenshin ImpactXiao, AetherZaphyrus
A Moment With YouGenshin ImpactXiao, AetherZaphyrus
Sweet DelightGenshin ImpactXiao, AetherZaphyrus
Heart of A BladeHonkai: Star RailXiao, AetherZaphyrus
To Call It LoveGenshin ImpactZhongli, DilucZaphyrus
Twins Travel Log: Claw Machines are a ScamGenshin ImpactLumine, AetherZaphyrus
Go! Go! Benny's Adventurer Team!Genshin ImpactBennettZaphyrus
Your World in Our Eyes: Chapter 34Genshin ImpactXianglingZaphyrus
On Borrowed StringsGenshin ImpactXingqiuZaphyrus
Curtain CallGenshin ImpactFurinaZaphyrus
Rest for I am HereHonkai: Star RailDan Heng, CaelusZaphyrus
For Being YouHonkai: Star RailDan Heng, CaelusZaphyrus
Love AdviceHonkai: Star RailDan Heng, CaelusZaphyrus
Trash To TreasureHonkai: Star RailDan Heng, CaelusZaphyrus
Be There When You FallHonkai: Star RailDan Heng, CaelusZaphyrus
Forever With(out) YouHonkai: Star RailDan Heng, CaelusZaphyrus
The Worth of A LifeHonkai: Star RailDan Heng, CaelusZaphyrus
Starlit SkyHonkai: Star RailDan Heng, CaelusZaphyrus
Walk Away (And Forget)Honkai: Star RailBlade, CaelusZaphyrus
In A HeartbeatHonkai: Star RailBlade, CaelusZaphyrus
Of Stardom And FamilyHonkai: Star RailCaelus, StelleZaphyrus
Of Stars and Black Holes: Chapter 1Honkai: Star RailCaelus, StelleNought
Of Stars and Black Holes: Chapter 2Honkai: Star RailCaelus, StelleNought
Of Stars and Black Holes: Chapter 3Honkai: Star RailCaelus, StelleNought
Of Stars and Black Holes: Chapter 4Honkai: Star RailCaelus, StelleNought
Double Trouble: Chapter 9Honkai: Star RailCaelus, StelleNought
Double Trouble: Chapter 14Honkai: Star RailCaelus, StelleNought
Oikawa Tooru: Wannabe Roommate from HellHaikyuu!!Oikawa, IwaizumiTee
The Serene Qilin and the Slumbering DragonessGenshin ImpactGanyu, KokomiHamartia

Mod Experience

✧ I have been a moderator on numerous Amino communities, the Gacha Life Amino to name one example. As a part of my role, I was required to curate server-wide events for a community of 100,000++ members and convey announcements on behalf of the moderator team.
✧ I was formerly a moderator on a small Discord server of about 50+ people. I am able to set up roles and navigate common bots such as Carl, MEE6, etc.
✧ I have also assisted in the creation of a Discord server, including the segregation of channels, setting up voice and text chats, etc.
I have moderating zines since around December '21, and am able to take up the following roles: Writing, Layout, Graphics, Organisation, Social Media✧ I am familiar with Google Forms and Sheets, and am able to efficiently create forms related to zines such as Interest Checks, Contributor Check-ins, etc.
✧ I am able to create websites and information documents on platforms such as Google Docs, Carrd and Wix.
✧ I am able to create and regulate content on social media platforms such as Twitter, as well as efficiently set-up accounts on anonymous ask-boxes such as Retrospring, CuriousCat and Peing.
✧ I am able to schedule posts and ensure that announcements are sent out in a timely manner.
✧ I am able to provide bleedlines and layout formats for writing as well as page/merch art based on the manufacturers of choice (and can offer qualified advice based on past experience).